Steel framing – part of the future of building.

More and more homes are being built with steel frames – in particular, TRUECORE® steel made by BlueScope Steel. Research conducted by BlueScope Steel has shown that homeowners prefer the lightweight benefits delivered by steel framing. And demand is growing.

Builders, too are finding the benefits of building with framing made from TRUECORE® steel far out-weigh the benefits of other frame materials. In particular, the environmental benefits and steel’s ability to “touch the Earth lightly”. The relative lightweight of steel framing, combined with its design versatility and flexibility, means a steel-framed house can be built with minimal site impact. This is especially apparent on sloping and difficult sites where it can be used in conjunction with suspended flooring systems, reducing the need to cut into the site and thus leaving a much smaller imprint. And because steel frames are fabricated off-site to exact specifications, there is minimal cutting and wastage onsite - making for a cleaner building environment.

Many frame fixers now offer steel as an alternative, and many of Australia’s major Project Home Builders promote steel framed houses.


Perhaps it’s time to skill up?

bluescope HIA site

Visit the HIA website to see for yourself why builders and tradies are increasing their business offering and reducing operating costs by skilling up.

If you want to further your education, training courses focusing on steel framing are available. To find a training course or talk to someone about educational options available in your area call BlueScope Steel Direct on 1800 800 789.